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The project partnership consists of 4 organizations active in prevention and fight against early school leaving from 4 EU countries: United Kingdom (Sport and Though, Football as Therapy), Portugal (National Association of Educational Innovation and Inclusions in Schools - AENIS), Greece (European Institute for Local Development) and Italy (L' Arca di Noe Associazione ONLUS).

1) Sport and Thought, Football as Therapy (United Kingdom)

S&T has been running for 6 years as a project ande is now in its 4th year as an organization. Set up by psychodynamic therapist Daniel Smyth in response to spiraling youth violence, social exclusion amongst young people within inner London. The association believes how one presents within a sporting environment is no different to a societal, thus sport can be used to begin to understand our internal psychological difficulties through playing. What a child will see as a technical sporting progression, is that, but is brought about by a more thoughtful contained mind, as the mind control the feet, hands etc, not the other way around. All training is psychologicallyt underpinned to enable the student to understand what drives both their sporting behavior and their life behavior as the internal catalysts are the same. The main objective of the association is to ensure at risk adolescents remain in school. The project currently runs in London, northern Ireland, the republic of Ireland and within the UK prison system.


3) National Association of Educational Innovation and Inclusions in Schools (Portugal)

The National Association of Educational Innovation and Inclusions in Schools (AENIE) is composed by 9 members of the Board, all linked directly or indirectly to the education system. The direction is composed of teachers, operational workers, union officials, representatives of parents, elements linked to the Portuguese education system and they believe they may have an important contribution in improving the quality of teaching-learning process in schools. Also there are 6 persons working mainly in the interships.

4) European Institute for Local Development (Greece)

European Institute for Local Development (EILD) was founded in 2009 as an independent non-governmental organization whose members are European citizens and organizations interested in supporting regional development activities. EILD’s mission is to consistently provide innovative high quality services that improve the economy of regions and the quality of life in urban and rural areas by supporting and promoting experience sharing between its members and partners for sustaining international cooperation, skillful networking and further progress and growth. Our organization’s goals and network come in support of fulfilling our mission.

5) L' Arca di Noe Associazione ONLUS (Italy)

L' Arca di Noe Associazione ONLUS is a not for profit organization founded in 2002 by a group of teachers, psychologists, educators, pedagogists and other experts. The Association is based in Monza (near Milan, in Northern Italy). Main fields of activities of L' Arca di Noe Associazione ONLUS are: 

1) Non formal education: promoting and managing courses, creative laboratories, informal education activities for young students (specially for disadvantage groups e.g. young people with special needs, migrants, minorities, etc.); multidisciplinary and educational activities in schools for prevention of early school leaving; managing help desc for school teachers and educators, for parents, for students etc.

2) Support to families and children initiatives for protection and promotion of rights of child and families with problems; familiar mediation; the association also offers a space where parents can afford, manage and resolve different kind of conflict aspects (family conflicts) including preventive actions, assistance and services such as counseling, acceptance and orientation, psychological support and legal advice.

3) Social inclusion and integration of migrants and refugees: support services and assistance to children and migrants for Third Countries; legal services, counseling and advisory services for migrants; educational laboratories, initiatives and projects for young migrants and for their families, etc.

4) Creative and cultural initiatives for young students: intercultural workshops, educational activities and creative laboratories with young people coming from different countries and from different cultural, religious and social origins. These laboratories aim at promoting self-confidence, responsibility and empowerment among youngsters etc.

L’ Arca di Noe Associazione ONLUS cooperates with schools, local authorities, hospitals, public social services, private enterprises, other non-profit organizations, religious bodies and other NGOs.